Our Services

As the leading Electric Valves Supplier in Malaysia, we supply multiples range of products including mechanical, electrical, valves and also actuators. For more than years, actuators have been making flow control easier for a broad range of customer applications. These actuators are world-class devices used to consistently drive multi-turn and quarter-turn industrial valves and dampers, providing years of dependable service.

We also provide products and solutions to the water, mining, power generation, irrigation and general industries. In stock is a wide range of products including butterfly valves, casting valves, and electric valves, in various materials, to handle a wide range of industrial processes and applications. Different types of valves and actuators have different characteristics.

As specialist valve suppliers, we have extensive experience and knowledge of actuation (valve automation). We supply both pneumatic or electric actuators as well as mechanical and the many accessories that go with these products. We also stock an extensive range of pressure control (reducing and sustaining valves), pressure relief and non-return valves. We only distribute the valve products with the best quality. Let’s check our valve products for more!