The 840 series cage-guided valve is specially designed using recent advances in control valve technology. It is used to control a wide variety of relatively clean liquids and gases at high pressure differentials. Configured with either flow-to-open or flow-to-close trims, the valve is well suited for steam, gas or liquids, where flow-to-close is typically used for liquid service, and flow-to open for steam and gas. The design of the 840H (drilled-hole-cage) valve is primarily used for severe service applications requiring anti-cavitation or low-noise trim. In most cases, high pressure drop in process conditions may cause erosion, noise or vibration, which can affect process control. The 840H is a good solution to this severe service application.

Besides, we also have valves designed to regulate the flow of only one component, which is the Butterfly Valve for Power Recovery Turbine, a butterfly valve to regulate gas flow to the power recovery turbine.

840 Series

Product Overview

Valve size: 1” through 20”
Ratings: ANSI class 150-2500 (DIN and JIS available)
End connections: Raised face flange, weld ends (BW and SW)
Flow characterisation: Linear on equal percentage to suit
Seat leakage: Standard ANSI class IV, option-ANSI class V or VI
Temperature range (general):
1/2”~4”: -30ºC ~ 300ºC (Standard), -196ºC ~ 565ºC (Ext.)
6”~20”: -30ºC ~ 300ºC (Standard), -196ºC ~ 565ºC (Ext.)