Control Valve

IMI CCI designed, built and patented the world’s first multi-stage control valve in 1967 as DRAG® technology. For more than 50 years our team has worked with industry professionals across the world, in a wide range of applications, to refine the designs and establish sound engineering rules for velocity control.

This application insight led to the industry accepting guidelines on velocity and fluid kinetic energy control and creating multi-stage design principles that many companies follow today. One of the key features of our Control Valve is that it addresses cavitation like no other. The DRAG® control design addresses the velocity increase, which removes the potential for cavitation and also reduces noise and vibrations.

However, if you’re looking for an easy installation and low-maintenance valve for controlling the flow of gas instead, check out this high-performance butterfly valve for gas flow and regulation.

Control Valve

Product Overview

Size: 1/4 in. to 48 in. (6 mm. to 1220 mm.)
Pressure Ratings: ASME B16.34 150 to 4500; PED CL 300 to CL4500; API 15,000
Fluid Temperature Range: -350°F to 1100°F (-196°C to 590°C)
Body Style: Globe, angle, “Z” body and custom designs to meet almost any pipe
Seat Design: Metallic or soft seat
Bonnet Style: Bolted bonnet, metal, gasket seal body-to-bonnet joint, or pressure seal
Guiding: Disk stack
Plug Design: Unbalanced, balanced, pressurized seat
Characteristic: Linear, equal %, quick open or custom design