Electric Linear Actuator HL-Series

Product Overview

HL series electric actuator is specially designed for linear operating valves such as globe valves and similar usages.

A wide range of output force and control options fit your specific requirements.

High reliability and performance for valve automation system.

Electric Valve Actuators HM-Series

Product Overview

HM-series electric multi-turn actuator is specially designed for all multi-turn valve applications such as globe, gate valves and similar usages.

A wide range of output torque and control options meet your specific requirements.

HM-series provides high reliability and performance.

HM-series is simple and safe, and rapid non-intrusive commissioning with infra-red control.

Electric Actuator HQ-Series

Product Overview


Product Overview

Solid and flexible design Aluminium die-casting housing and powder coating.

Quick-set” cam
Spring loaded splined cam.
No need to adjust again after initial setting.
Easy setting without too


Product Overview

The ETS/C Series heavy duty scotch yoke actuators are consisted of symmetrical and canted type and offer complete modular systems.

By applying to double acting and Single Acting configuration, our compact ETS/C Series can be suited for torque outputs of any valve such as ball, butterfly, plug valves and other quarter turn mechanism.

ETS/C Series are also designed to use with Hydraulic override, Limit Switches, Solenoid Valve and Positioner by built-in air tubing at the factory.

In order to guarantee reliable operation, we use high-technical materials. You will receive an operational, safety application from us.


Product Overview

HP series pneumatic actuators are specifically designed to respond to your demanding needs on automation valve market. We can provide a wide range of torque outputs to suit quarter turn ball, butterfly, plug valves and dampers for complete valve automation solutions.

The latest manufacturing technologies have been operated in order to supply a high quality and cycle-life on HP series.

Our extensive inventory & engineering capabilities allow us to provide reliable and safety product to our customer with satisfaction.