The RTQ actuator belongs to the RT Series and it is a complete range of high torque pneumatic quarter turn actuators with materials selected to withstand the most hostile environmental conditions, suitable for all onshore and offshore applications, covering general ON-OFF and modulating valves. The RTQ Series is designed to provide maximum reliability and flexibility to cover a wide range of valves in all pressure classes.

With our experience in the actuators industry, we also provide a range of different valves and actuators. Check out the butterfly valve actuator if you’re interested in valves with easy installation that can perform simple, rapid operations.


Product Overview

Key features:
> Double acting or spring return
> Fectroless nickel plated cylinder to modular design minimise friction and prevent corroson.
> Scotch yoke mechanism available in both canted or symmetrical executions.
> Chromium plated guide bar to absorb transversal forces.

> Reliable
> Safe
> Versatile
> Efficient