The Butterfly Valve for Power Recovery Turbine are specially designed to regulate the flow of gas to power recovery turbine to give full control of all aspects of the critical equipment.

The butterfly valves are the results of years of research and development, as well as close collaboration with end-users. The Expander Turbine can be regulated quickly and precisely thanks to its highly refined nature. Quick-acting shut-off prevents the turbine from overspeed with an average reaction time of 0.5 seconds (0-100 percent stroke). SIL3-certified emergency shutdown solenoids valves.

With automatic throttling and a simple switch from automatic to remote control, valve control is extremely flexible with backup control systems available. Our Butterfly valves are available for both flanged and welded connection.

Looking for butterfly valves to regulate or isolate liquids instead? This is the one you’re looking for!

Butterfly Valves

Product Overview

Key features:
> Fast acting shut-off valves
> Large range of control
> Hard-faced seat and seat are
> High performance nickel alloy shaft

> Fast acting shut off
> Versatile control
> Robust design
> Tailored to customer requirements