The QuickTrakTm system features the latest in pneumatic digital valve control technology that combines a microprocessor-based control system with an integrated valve positioner. This system is specifically designed to answer the challenges faced by todays demanding applications. Capable of providing the control and performance of a hydraulic system, but without the environmental and storage requirements; the QuickTrakTm system is flexible and powerful.

If you’re interested in another low maintenance and reliable valve for gas instead, check out theĀ butterfly valve designed to regulate the flow of gas to the power recovery turbine.


Product Overview

Key features:
> Probe: Magnetostrictive linear position transducers located within the actuator stem which provide fast and highly accurate control feedback
> Servo-valve: High-capacity servo-valve for positioning
> Actuator: Custom designed with larger ports to utilize the higher Cv and a gun-drilled stern to accomodate the feedback probe

> Highly reliable
> Improves performance
> Precise positioning
> Reduced maintenance