High-Seal – GTD

Product Overview

GTD designed for critical requirements has proven its reliability and efficiency in a wide range of application for more than 15 years.

Mechanism with an eccentric structure minimises an on-off torque at high pressure, providing tight shut-off.

Carbon steel and stainless steel are standard materials for body and trim with a Teflon seat. Other special materials or particular treatment on trim and body are available as per the application and service.

High-Seal – FSD

Product Overview

Having a combined function of GTD and MTD, the FSD gives a tight shut-off at nominal pressure and temperature rating.

FSD sealing system consists of reinforced Teflon and metal seat. Although FSD has double seat structure, it requires relatively low operating torque.

FSD valve works with the metal seat when a Teflon seat has been burned out. FSD provides the more reliability for steam and hot airline among its applications.

Butt weld – BWD

Product Overview

BWD series, which has two(2) metal seats, is primarily demanded by a district heating system and thermal plant where a ‘Maintenace Free’ valve is required.

Since the BWD valve is welded onto the pipeline, it is made of the best grade of materials and designed for a long life and a reliable performance.

BWD, which is available for both buttweld and flange end connection, has a wide range of application from vacuum to high pressure and from low to high temperature.

Double metal seated sealing system provides inherent fire safety characteristics and efficient flow throttle capacity.

Uni-seal – GRS

Product Overview

GRS type is an elastomer seated butterfly valve used for the process demanding positive shut-off and effective flow control.

Uni-seal – GRSU

Product Overview

GRSU is for fire fighting line requiring UL Certification. It utilises a special construction to ensure higher torque input when operating under fire in addition to all GRS features.

Uni-seal – GFB

Product Overview

GFB, double flanged butterfly valve, has an eccentric structure enabling smooth operation and tight shut-off at any condition.

Rubber lining is applicable to the inner body for anti-corrosion duty to prevent rust and corrosion on the body. Basically, GFB has a ring seat made of rubber, yet, as an option, it has a Teflon or metal seat as per working condition.

TOD (Triple Offset Design)

Product Overview

TOD butterfly valve is a field-proven high-quality butterfly valve developed based on the technology and experience UNICOM has built in the industrial valve for several decades.

We customise our valves to best serve the specific requirements of customers.

TOD-CX (Cryogenic Service)

Product Overview

TOD-CX butterfly valve is suitable for the industrial cryogenic applications.

Test-proven technology and UNICOM’s know-how are incorporated into the product design.

TOD-HX (High Temperature Service)

Product Overview

TOD-HX is suitable for high-temperature industrial applications.

Test-proven technology and UNICOM’s know-how are incorporated into the product design.

We can customise customers’ specific requirements for pressure, size, and materials in the manufacturing specifications.