Unbalance Type Globe Control Valve – V100

Product Overview

The V100 series single seated valve is developed for wide variety application on liquids, steam and gases. The construction of this range of valves is a simple form but it has a design which in itself allows specialised applications. The V100 series valve provides reliable performance and cost effectiveness that will surely satisfy your control requirements.

Balance Type Globe Control Valve – V200

Product Overview

The V200 series cage-guided valve is specially designed using the most recent refinements in control valve technology. It is used to control a wide variety of relatively clean liquids and gases at high-pressure differentials. The design of the V200 series valve has a quick change design so it guarantees convenient repair and easy replacement of trim.

Three Way Globe Control Valves – V300

Product Overview

The V300 Series valve is a three-way design of valve for use on blending two separate flows, by having two inlets and a common outlet port or dividing a flow into two proportional parts by having one common inlet and two outlet ports.

This range of valves has been designed in three forms designated V310, V320 and V330, the V310 and V330 conventional type is to provide an economic solution for all mixing and selected diverting services. V320 balanced trim is specially designed for high duty diverting service applications.

Pressure Reducing Desuperheater Station – V400

Product Overview

Employing patented fluid flow conditioning technology and a unique nozzle arrangement, UNICON’s new and improved desuperheater station products easily meet today’s most challenging steam conditioning applications.

Nozzle Spray Desuperheater Station – D400

Product Overview

The UNICON Pipeline Desuperheater Systems provide a convenient method of reducing superheated steam or other vapours to temperatures approaching saturation. The superheated fluid passes through a section of pipe into which is fitted the D400 series nozzle protrudes into the flow path. The nozzle introduces coolant flow in the same direction as the superheated fluid.

Pilot Type Tank Blanket Valve – V510

Product Overview

The blanket gas regulator is one of the principal components typically installed on as the storage tank to protect the tank and its contents. It is a precision regulator that is capable of maintaining a very low gas pressure in.0.005 BarG) in the tank by controlling the flow of a high pressure (Max. 13 BarG) blanketing gas. It maintains a positive pressure in the tank when fluid is pumped out or as fluid temperature decreases. Typically nitrogen or another compatible gas is used to suppress the tank product vapors. This reduces losses due to product evaporation and prevents atmospheric contaminants, including moisture, from the ring the tank, preventing tank corrosion and product contamination.

V510 Valve is self-contained, fully balanced, pilot-operated, and are used for accurate pressure control a tank blanketing systems.

Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve Actuators – A100/200

Product Overview

The A100/200 Series multi-spring diaphragm actuator is of the non-reversible type. This has been designed with an improved mechanical structure which makes the product extremely competitive for the price as well as suitable for application with critical operating conditions.

Pneumatic Cylinder Valve Actuators – A300

Product Overview

A300 is a complete line of linear pneumatic actuators purposely designed for the operation of control valves. The product range includes both double acting and spring return units available in several sizes which can deliver a force up to 30,000 daN.

These actuators can assure an extremely smooth valve operation and do not require any maintenance.